Sunday, June 3, 2012


salam...sasaran aku seterusnya filem "THE PACT"....aku memang suka layan citer-citer seram ni..jom baca sikit sinopsis citer ni...tapi dalam bahasa omputih la ye..takpela..kalau tak paham baca pelan-pelan ok..kalau tak paham jela kat translate tu..apa susah..macam tak biasa lak..aku pun selalu gak buat macam tu..hahahahahaha....

The story is basically a supernatural murder mystery that follows a girl who moves into the house of her dead mother, who she didn’t have the best relationship with. As she’s living in the home, extremely creepy and unexplained things begin to happen to her and to those around her.

This leads her to start investigating why she is going through this insanity, and she starts digging into her mother’s past. Thanks to the help of an abusive, attention-getting ghost, she begins to uncover certain clues to her forgotten past that ultimately reveal a terrible secret that’s been hidden from her for years.

untuk bagi korang teruja lagi nak tengok citer ni..aku persembahkan pada korang trailler citer ni ok..juga dalam bahasa omputih....memang nak kena penampaqla kan kalau nak trailler pun dalam bahasa melayu..dah nama pun citer omputih..citer omptuih la kan..jom layan sat..



ikhlas dari hamba allah serba sederhana..conan..

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